Winter is coming! The days are getting shorter, and you feel like sleeping longer.

However, at the Green Living Lab, we’re not going to sleep!

Come and warm yourself by our rocket stove, and enjoy the events we have planned in our Winter Wonderland.

Event times and content are subject to change, so please check the event info here on our Facebook page.

Winter Programme


It was lovely to see students from the VU, UvA, TU Delft & AUC studying in the dome at the 4th edition of the Green Living Library!

Students tell us that their study time inside the dome is more productive that studying in a library. The view of the surrounding garden from inside the dome and the generally grounding atmosphere of our natural environment encourages concentration to help students get work done faster, and with less stress.

If you are a university student and would like to experience the effects of studying in nature for yourself you are welcome to join our next Green Living Library day on Thursday 30th March, 10am – 6pm.

We are now leading short group study breaks where we work in the garden together, aimed at helping students take time out from the mental focus of their studies and to relax by grounding in nature.

To reserve your study place in the dome, please email your name & a copy of a valid student card before Tuesday 28th March to: