Kassoumay! It was a wonderful experience to lead a permaculture workshop for Jamooral, an association of women in the town of Kafountine  in Senegal who want to grow food together. On the invitation of local foundation Kakolum, working to assist the women to create stable livelihoods, Aveen from the Green Living Lab team informed the group about life in the soil , the soil food web , & the importance of biodiversity above & below the soil to build healthy living systems.

Translating from Spanish to the local Wolof language, Maria & Toni from the Kakolum team helped Aveen to relay natural pest control strategies including companion planting & the concept of vertical hot composting. The women will now build new composting facilities on their land so organic materials that would usually be burned (according to local practice) will be converted to compost instead & used to add fertility to their soil.