• Compost Toilets by Metabolic, used for research into Biomeiler technology by LocalWise

Ecological Toilets

Our compost toilets were designed by Philip Gladek of Spectral Utilities a systems consulting & clean-tech development company in Amsterdam.

How does it work? Humanure (human manure) is human solid waste & urine that is recycled into rich compost via a thermophilic composting process. During the biological composting process, pathogens present in the waste are completely broken down within a 2 year period. These compost toilets collect solid waste & urine in containers.  The organic carbon material (sawdust) used to cover the waste assists the composting process & neutralises odour.

Environmental Solution: This decentralised sanitation solution is advocated by INGO’s & governments in developing cities worldwide, where limited water resources prevent the use of our outdated & inefficient Western flush-toilet solution. The challenges faced by the rapidly expanding cities of the developing world have inspired Western ecologists to develop a new international gold standard in sanitation solutions, where all waste is viewed as a valuable resource. Complementary technologies, including on-site biofuel production from waste, enable compost toilet solutions to create jobs & directly benefit local communities. As cities in the Western world become more densely populated, & with increased pressure on our natural resources including water, we will have to adapt our sanitation solutions to efficient, localised, cyclical systems. Decentralised sanitation solutions like this can be part of the solution.