Het Green Living Lab is op zoek naar 3 gelukkelingen die een GLL stagiaire in 2019 willen worden! In 2019 gaat onze holistische onderwijsprogramma het Green Student Bootcamp Challenge op tour door Nederland om innovatieve duurzame & groene projecten te ontmoeten. Wij zijn ook bezig om een nieuwe locatie te ontwerpen en nieuwe onderwijsprogramma’s te organiseren. Dus een heleboel leuke klussen!

Graag horen we voor 30 november van enthousiaste studenten tussen 20-28 jaar, met een goed beheersing van Nederlands en Engels, die over oplossingen voor een gezonde samenleving willen leren.

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JongVUmc, an organisation of young healthcare professionals working at the VUmc hospital in Zuidas Amsterdam, came back to The Green Living Lab this week to attend a special lecture on how to prevent burnout, by Cuna Knegt from Arts in Balans. They heard how stress management is key for their health and for sustainable careers as healthcare professionals.

Sadly, the number of young people in The Netherlands suffering from burnout is steadily increasing. Three in four students in The Netherlands are emotionally exhausted and one in three has an increased risk of a burn-out. One in seven students suffer from severe anxiety and depression complaints.

Something must be done and done now, in order to prevent this health crisis from spiralling further. Thankfully government and leading educational organisations including the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUAmsterdam) are coming together to take action and to focus on increasing student welfare and health, including increasing the awareness of burnout, its prevention, and assistance in dealing with its effects.

JongVUMc heard how preventing burnout is of paramount importance, as burnout can cause serious health issues. Overcoming the effects of burnout can be a timely (and costly) process for everyone.

Students, don’t wait to burnout as it can take a long time to heal again. Take care of yourselves, and don’t wait to burnout only to have a doctor tell you to spend time in nature to feel better. This is the advice that is currently given to sufferers of burnout. Make sure you get outside into nature at least 20 minutes every day, or as often as you can. Nature’s restorative powers for stress relief are unsurpassable, and they are free!

The Green Living Lab has been designed in harmony with our beautiful natural surroundings on the VU campus, so that students and guests can destress and feel great while they study, work, learn or socialise.

Having more nature integrated into our urban landscapes is part of the solution to help young people, and the wider public, to destress. Nature is a healing influence in our city, and we need it close and within sight, for a healthy and vital city.

Come visit The Green Living Lab to stop a while in nature, to hunt for strawberries, to observe our blossoming education garden, to relax in our willow circle, or to hold your work meetings, trainings or private events. The energising power of spending time in this special natural paradise will help you leave your stress behind.

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Work & Relax in Nature

Did you know that you can hold your very own private event at The Green Living Lab, Monday – Sunday?

Celebrationswork meetingstrainingsbrainstorms – our geodesic dome, organic garden & barefoot willow-circle are waiting for you!

Be inspired by nature to relax and to get creative!

For information on how you can hold an event to remember at our location, please email: dome@greenlivinglab.org

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Winter is coming! The days are getting shorter, and you feel like sleeping longer.

However, at the Green Living Lab, we’re not going to sleep!

Come and warm yourself by our rocket stove, and enjoy the events we have planned in our Winter Wonderland.

Event times and content are subject to change, so please check the event info here on our Facebook page.

Winter Programme

Meet in nature & make merry at The Green Living Lab!

Plan your office meetings, events and borrels in the dome and enjoy our stunning location in Zuidas Amsterdam.

All bookings in November or December receive a 25% discount.

For info please email: dome@greenlivinglab.org

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Meet in Nature

Lees hier 5 tips van Professor Erik Scherder, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, om gezond te blijven op kantoor.

Prachtige foto’s in dit artikel gemaakt door Freek van den Bergh: www.freekvandenbergh.com

Kom langs naar het Groene Leven Lab in de lunchpauze en wandel in onze biologische onderwijstuin. Ontdek onze experimenten op locatie om een gezonde stedelijke leven te creëren in balans met de natuur. Informatieborden in Nederlands & Engels zijn op locatie te vinden.

Onze vergaderplek (dome & tuin) is beschikbaar voor fotoshoots en privé-evenementen. Neem contact met ons op om de mogelijkheden te bespreken: info@greenlivinglab.org

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