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Explore with Juf. Dieuwertje!

Meet inspiring nature educator, Dieuwertje Smolenaars, joining us for our new online Nature Explorers Club series! Dieuwertje will teach us how we can become nature explorers this Wednesday 2 December at 8 pm CET / 7 pm GMT. Your donations will support De Toevlucht animal shelter in Amsterdam. Please see event registration info below and […]

Nourished by Nature:
Interactive Learning

For kids and big kids too! Our Nourished by Nature series will help you turn daily walks into learning adventures. With sensory games, group challenges, tips for interacting with the natural world, and chats with nature experts and innovators, a fun online learning experience awaits! Nature explorer Dieuwertje Smolenaars will offer insights into what you […]


Nature-inspired Design: Green Students at TU Delft

How can a barrel cactus inspire innovation to minimise evaporation in hot weather? What design strategies can we learn from the Mimic octopus, who protects itself by mimicking deadly predators including a deadly sea snake or a poisonous flat fish? How can termite mounds inspire a heating and cooling system for a building? The answers […]


Green Innovators: De Stadsgroenteboer CSA

By Tess Holmgren Urban agriculture projects are becoming increasingly popular and viewed as agents for providing food security, as well as a creative way of greening urban areas. As more attention is given to finding innovative ways of growing food closer to and in cities, it is slowly becoming part of the public vocabulary with […]


Circular Innovators: Fungi Factory

By Tess Holmgren How we produce food and handle waste are important topics of today, and Utrecht-based enterprise Fungi Factory is tackling both issues by using spent coffee grounds to grow oyster mushrooms. Fungi Factory co-founder Steven Keulemans will lead a workshop at the Green Student Bootcamp Challenge’s session in Utrecht on Friday 17 May, […]

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Green Educators: IVN & Tiny Forest

By Tess Holmgren On Friday 17 May the Green Student Bootcamp Challenge takes place at Utrecht University in collaboration with Green Office Utrecht. This session takes us into the forest where we will explore the interconnected world of trees and mycelium with IVN & Fungi Factory. IVN is a national Dutch nature education organisation that […]


Programme: GLL Netherlands Tour

Students from all universities and colleges are welcome to join, from any study course. See how you can participate & book your space below. *Friday 3 May, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, 14.00 – 17.30 ‘Where Life Begins: Soil & Seeds’, with the Green Living Lab & Commonland Lecture:  Commonland tell us how restorative solutions can reverse the degradation of […]


Green Students on Tour!

Netherlands Tour 2019 This year’s Green Student Bootcamp Challenge is going nationwide, as participants set off on an inspirational tour of the Netherlands in May and June. This is the 4th year of our experiential learning programme for higher education students in the Netherlands. We are both delighted and proud that our graduates from previous […]