The Green Living Lab’s Nature Explorers’ Club invites children aged 7- 11 years to wonder at the natural world and encourages them to interact with their natural environment.

Children are guided to explore ecosystems through sensory games, imagination, observation, inquiry and reflection. By observing life from their unique perspective as well as imagining the perspectives of diverse organisms, children are encouraged to develop an understanding of other beings, and the processes and relationships within living systems.

Learning goals include developing curiosity about the natural world, intuition and reasoning skills, and the confidence to interact with nature responsibly.



  • Monthly Online Club for Children, 7 – 11 years
  • Language: English
  • Length: 60 minutes


  • Every 3rd Saturday of the month, March – December 2021
  • 1st Club: Saturday, 20 March


  • 4 pm – 5 pm: Amsterdam (CET)
  • 3 pm – 4 pm: London (GMT)
  • 10 am – 11 am: New York (ET)


  • 20 March: BIRDS. Life Cycles, Bird Watching
  • 17 April: BEES & POLLINATORS. Biodiversity, Building a Bee Hotel
  • 15 May: SEEDS TO TREES. Germination, Plant Anatomy
  • 19 June: BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS. Metamorphosis, Colours, Patterns
  • 24 July: TEAMWORK. Bees, Ants, Termites, Humans
  • 21 August: WATER WORLD. Aquatic Life, Water Cycle
  • 18 September: SOIL LIFE. Soil Organisms, Nutrient Cycle
  • 16 October: NOCTURNAL ANIMALS. Diverse Sensory Perceptions
  • 20 November: MYCELIUM. Forest Layers, Symbiosis
  • 18 December: FOOD WEBS. Creating Nature Webs


  • ACORN: 1 x Nature Explorers’ Club + additional themed learning resources. €16.50 pp.
  • OAK: 3 x Nature Explorers’ Clubs + additional learning resources. €43,50 pp.
  • FOREST: 10 x Nature Explorers’ Clubs + membership badge + additional learning resources. €115 pp.

* Free for essential workers.

** If you cannot afford membership due to present hardship, please contact us to discuss options for participation.

Proceeds from the Nature Explorers’ Club go to De Toevlucht animal shelter.


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Dieuwertje Smolenaars: Club Educator

At age 7, Dieuwertje wanted to become a nature explorer. Today, she is a nature educator with 15 years’ experience of educating children aged 5-13 years. She lives with a snake and a day gecko and makes wildlife films in her native Netherlands and worldwide.

Dieuwertje guides students to explore nature wisely, by developing wonder, empathy and respect for the natural world.

Joshua Glass: Club Manager

Joshua has been a nature explorer since his childhood fascination with frogs, snakes and salamanders in his home in Massachusetts, USA.

As a gardener and a graduate of Interdisciplinary Arts, he is inspired by education, participatory design and mindfulness as tools for growing social and ecological wellbeing. Joshua leads sensory awareness activities for Nature Explorers and develops interactive learning tools.

Aveen Colgan: Club Director

Aveen grew up in Ireland and has been a nature educator for 7 years. She is a consultant for social impact organizations and designs interactive gardens for learning and community.

She founded the Green Living Lab to help students of all ages to become informed, inspired and engaged citizens. Aveen directs the Nature Explorers’ Club programme and online learning experience.


If you’d like to connect to discuss options for participation, please contact