Women from the Jamooral community association in Kafountine, Senegal, sing with joy when they learn the Kakolum foundation can help them develop the irrigation system for their community garden.

In 2018, the Kakolum foundation began to guide the development of this women’s community agriculture project, with the aim of assisting the women to obtain a yield that would give them a sustainable income. Connecting the women with resources and expertise, the Kakolum approach is to listen to the group’s aims, take their traditional practices into account, and introduce new ideas to help develop their land and community sustainably.

A Hand from the Green Living Lab

Aveen from the Green Living Lab visited Jamooral last November and introduced the women to regenerative agriculture methods to develop the health of their soil and their harvest. They enthusiastically learned about life in the soil, efficient composting techniques for their climate, the importance of cover crops and biodiversity, and the benefits of companion planting. They are now keen to implement these practices and they also want to set up a seed bank this year. This will require further training and resources.

Future Plans

The GLL is delighted to partner with Kakolum to design and facilitate courses to teach the women regenerative agriculture practices. We are keen to hear from agro-ecologists and permaculture experts who speak fluent French, and who can work with us to create the best knowledge-sharing experience for the women, based on their specific needs. For more info, please contact: info@greenlivinglab.org

A lot has been achieved by the passionate Kakolum team within a short period and they are eager to further help the women to build the health and resilience of their ecosystem, and give them sustainable livelihoods.

It is inspiring to see lives positively influenced by the sharing of knowledge and resources. If you would like to make a donation to help fund the new seed bank and further resources and training for the women, please contact: info@kakolum.org