• Take time out in Nature to Feel Good

    Photo by Jan Willem Groen

Reconnect with Nature in the City

Our busy city lives can often leave us with little time for relaxation. We know it is essential for our health to relax, yet the demands of urban living can leave us feeling ‘stressed out’. This stress can build up over time and have a negative impact on our health.

Spending time reconnecting with the natural world in the city can help us relax and feel good. Doctors tell us that frequent time spent in an outdoor natural environment can positively influence our health and well-being, and a large body of scientific research also proves this.

Our LIVING programme provides workshops, lectures and activities on location to facilitate reconnection with nature in the city for increased health and well-being.

We will explore the following questions, along with public health experts and guest speakers:

  • How can we take practical steps to increase our well-being and to feel good in the urban environment where we work, live and play?
  • What tools do we need to relieve the stress of city living?
  • How can we reconnect with our natural world in an urban environment for increased health and well-being?

Our Willow Circle has been designed as a natural outdoor space where (weather permitting) you can take off your shoes and connect directly with the earth while you learn, work or play. If you’d like to arrange an outdoor lecture, tutorial, study group, meeting or social gathering here then we would love to hear from you!

Our Dome has been designed as an outdoor research lab in nature, to facilitate research into the influence of working in a natural environment. The dome is fully transparent, offering visitors a 360 degree view of the surrounding garden, to encourage a feeling of being close to nature when inside the dome.

Lunchtime activities including juggling, laughter yoga, T’ai Chi and guided nature-based mediations will take place in the willow circle as well as in the Dome.