• Prof. Jaap Seidell VU Amsterdam discusses origins of public health issues


Our LAB programme invites sustainable living pioneers, social entrepreneurs, scientists and students to explore solutions for healthy urban living and conduct experiments at our location.

Like any other living lab we bring diverse partners together from the private & public sectors to innovate & research solutions for positive social impact. We love to facilitate others who are working to research and find solutions to enable a healthier society. 

In 2016 we worked to assist researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) with their innovative ‘Green Healthy Students’ research programme, investigating how diet & learning environment impact student lifestyle & performance. The university students taking part in our education programme ‘The Green Student Bootcamp Challenge’ also participated in this research.

Our partner Enactus VU is a social enterprise platform for student initiatives that focus on positive social impact. Enactus incubates social enterprise initiatives from students at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), providing them with the resources & support needed to launch successfully as an independent business. Students taking part in our education programme, The Green Student Bootcamp Challenge, piloted the new online energy-saving service of the Enactus VU initiative Energiekliek,  assisting their team to optimise their service before launching as an independent business.  We are delighted to have assisted with this initiative focused on helping consumers make significant savings on their energy bills by advising them how they can save energy & directly benefit from positive environmental behaviour.

Our biomeiler not only heats the floor of our dome in colder months but it is also assisting Stichting Biomeiler with their pioneering research into the applications of biomeilers.

Our Ecological Toilets are managed by Fedde Jortisma (MSc) from LocalWise who is conducting research into the technology of biomeilers using humanure.

If you have an innovative idea for a solution for healthy urban living & if you would like us to facilitate it or explore it further with you we would love to hear from you: lab@greenlivinglab.org