Community Compost School 2016

The Community Compost School demonstrated how easy & fun it is to create value out of waste together, and inspired students, businesses & local residents to set up community composting initiatives.

Environmental Problem: Approximately 35% of the waste in our cities is organic matter that is incinerated or sent to landfill, causing carbon & methane emissions. What a waste!

Solution: Organic waste can be turned into valuable compost in the city in an easy, fast & odour-free way using a ‘Worm Hotel’. The resulting compost is a rich natural fertiliser that can be used for growing food locally. Making compost out of organic waste helps reduce the carbon footprint in our local food chain & brings neighbours together to create value from their organic waste.

Circular Thinking: Waste does not exist. During the course, we brought students, business professionals & members of the public together to learn from experts how a sustainable organic food system is a circular system, how to view all organic material as a resource and to see opportunities for enterprise in creative circular solutions.

We learned how healthy soil is the basis for all life on earth, the essential role of mycelium in the Soil Food Web and how to make a worm hotel and start composting with worms at home. We went on a bike tour of vermicomposting projects and community gardens in the city of Amsterdam, learned about the problem of food waste and how to prevent it, cooked vegetarian snacks with food waste, brainstormed over how to green our urban environments, and more!

Thank you to all of our speakers for helping us to promote circular solutions for our local food system and inspiring positive environmental behaviour.