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BIRDS! 1st Nature Explorers’
Club, March 2021

March 20 @ 16:00 - 17:30 UTC+1

An Interactive Nature Club for Curious Kids

We are pleased to introduce the first Nature Explorers’ Club of 2021, and it is all about Birds! Nature Explorers’ Club guides Dieuwertje and Joshua will lead explorers on a learning adventure, with sensory games, group learning challenges, and the chance to meet lots of colourful, feathered friends along the way.

3 Ways to Participate 

  • ACORN: 1 x Nature Explorers’ Club + additional themed learning resources. €16.50 pp. 
  • OAK: 3 x Nature Explorers’ Clubs + additional learning resources. €55 pp. 
  • FOREST: 10 x Nature Explorers’ Clubs + membership badge + additional learning resources. €135 pp. 

* Free for essential workers.

** If you cannot afford membership due to present hardship, please contact us to discuss options for participation.

Proceeds from the Nature Explorers’ Club go to an animal shelter in Amsterdam, ‘De Toevlucht’.


To book Club dates: https://gllexplorersclub.eventbrite.nl 

Upcoming Dates & Themes

  • 20 March: BIRDS. Life Cycles, Bird Watching
  • 17 April: BEES & POLLINATORS. Biodiversity, Building a Bee Hotel
  • 15 May: SEEDS TO TREES. Germination, Plant Anatomy
  • 19 June: BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS. Metamorphosis, Colours, Patterns
  • 24 July: TEAMWORK. Bees, Ants, Termites, Humans
  • 21 August: WATER WORLD. Aquatic Life, Water Cycle
  • 18 September: SOIL LIFE. Soil Organisms, Nutrient Cycle
  • 16 October: NOCTURNAL ANIMALS. Diverse Sensory Perceptions
  • 20 November: MYCELIUM. Forest Layers, Symbiosis
  • 18 December: FOOD WEBS. Creating Nature Webs.


For further information on the Nature Explorers’ Club and the Green Living Lab foundation, please see: Exploring Nature with the Green Living Lab


If you’d like to discuss options for participation, please contact explorer@greenlivinglab.org.