Green Student Bootcamp Challenge, 2016 to date

Our annual GSBC programme invites 50 students of higher education to come together to deepen their understanding of nature and to develop wise agency in the world around them.

Experts encourage students to discover the interconnectedness of nature and its systems. With a new living system perspective, innovators challenge students to explore solutions for the regeneration of the natural systems on which we depend.

Guest educators include:

  • Dr Bertus Beaumont, TU Delft
  • Dr Cor Zonneveld, University of Amsterdam
  • Marije van Gent, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • Dr Jolanda Maas & Professor Jaap Seidell, VU University Amsterdam
  • Lydia Fraaije & Jamaica den Heijer, Biomimicry Nederland

With workshops by:

  • Mamotok
  • Amsterdam Rainproof
  • IVN
  • Maranke Spoor: Stichting Permacultuur Onderwijs
  • The School of Nature
  • Fungi Factory
  • De Stadsgroenteboer
  • Green Co-creations
  • Cityplot

Our GSBC programmes are a collaboration with student organisations in the Netherlands, including:

  • Pangea, Amsterdam University College (AUC)
  • Green Office, University of Amsterdam (UvA)
  • Green Office, VU Universit Amsterdam
  • Green Office, University of Groningen
  • Green Office, TU Delft
  • Green Office, University of Utrecht

We could not offer the GSBC programme in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic and are looking forward to bringing it back in spring 2022. If you’d like to be involved in this, please get in touch: