Join Our Autumn Semester!

This year we created 2 semesters for the Green Student Bootcamp Challenge 2017 programme in order to cover an extended growing season and to give more students the opportunity to take part.

Our autumn semester began on Friday 8 Septembe, when students and guests learned all about life in the soil, composting processes and how they can experiment with recycling their organic waste at home in a bucket worm hotel. 

Spring Action: Our spring semester included 5 sessions with experts on themes including germination and growing plants at home for food,  sowing seeds in the city for people, plants & pollinators, permaculture, biophilic design & integrating nature with urban planning, tiny homes, a creative cooking action with rescued “ugly veggies”,  and lots of time was spent learning to observe natural patterns and processes in our organic garden. With help from spring semester students our organic garden has been packed full of veggies, which students will harvest to create vegan snacks for their graduation party on 6 October.

Summer Challenge: Green Student Bootcamp Challenge students were given several challenges to complete over the summer months that can be completed wherever they are. One challenge is a collaboration with the crowd acting platform CollAction, where students were tasked with organising their very own crowd action project, to be completed this year. More information on this initiative & it’s launch is coming up in October!

Autumn: Our autumn programme includes sessions with experts on composting, life in the soil, green social entrepreneurship, how to take initiative, smart use of urban natural resources including rainwater, a tour of an innovative green roof, biomimicry & The Co-creation Challenge, where students will work together to create functional beauty at the Green Living Lab location.

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