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Designing with Nature in Bali

We loved meeting the Bamboo U team and students during a recent trip to Bali to learn about bio-architecture with bamboo. Bamboo U, part of The Green School family, offer bamboo design-and-build courses every quarter, where anyone with a passion for learning about natural design and building with bamboo can learn in an applied way, under the […]

Life in the Soil in Senegal

Kassoumay! It was a wonderful experience to lead a permaculture workshop for Jamooral, an association of women in the town of Kafountine  in Senegal who want to grow food together. On the invitation of local foundation Kakolum, working to assist the women to create stable livelihoods, Aveen from the Green Living Lab team informed the group about life in the soil , the soil food […]

On Tour: Green Student Bootcamp Challenge 2019

In 2019 the GSBC will go on on a tour of innovative projects across the Netherlands, where local people are connecting city residents to nature for health and well-being. From urban foraging, food forests and the future of food in the city, from permaculture roof gardening to sustainable innovations, and including our regular grow-your-own-food & […]

3 Stagiaires voor 2019 Gezocht!

Het Green Living Lab is op zoek naar 3 gelukkelingen die een GLL stagiaire in 2019 willen worden! In 2019 gaat onze holistische onderwijsprogramma het Green Student Bootcamp Challenge op tour door Nederland om innovatieve duurzame & groene projecten te ontmoeten. Wij zijn ook bezig om een nieuwe locatie te ontwerpen en nieuwe onderwijsprogramma’s te organiseren. Dus […]

Green Living Lab Verklaring

Wat vinden wij van de plannen van de VU? Een tip van de sluier: nee, we protesteren niét tegen het eindigen van ons contract. Ja, we zetten ons wél in voor het behouden van dit unieke stukje natuur. Verklaring van Green Living Lab vrijwilligers In de afgelopen week hebben mensen ons verteld dat we al […]

Een van de Oudste Voedselbossen in Nederland op de VU campus in Zuidas Amsterdam!

Een van de oudste #voedselbossen in Nederland ontdekt op de campus van de Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Zuidas Amsterdam. Dit concludeerde bomenexpert Huib Sneep.  Volgens hem vormt de betonnen jungle van de Zuidas in een droogte zoals we die nu (en waarschijnlijk steeds vaker) meemaken een Urban Heat Island, en geeft het microklimaat van het GLL terrein essentiële verkoeling.   […]

Green Gold in Zuidas Amsterdam: An Evening with John D. Liu

It was an honour for us to welcome John D. Liu to The Green Living Lab to learn from his experience of witnessing the value of living systems for both people and planet. John is an ambassador of the Commonland Foundation and a Fellow of The Netherlands Institute of Ecology, NIOO-KNAW. He advises governments and multilateral agencies worldwide, including the United Nations, […]

Let’s Restore our Earth! Ecosystem Restoration Camps @ The Green Living Lab

It was a pleasure to host Ecosystem Restoration Camps members at The Green Living Lab yesterday! We heard from John Dennis Liu, Pieter Van Der Gaag, & Rik Armando Ridder from the Ecosystem Restoration Camps team why we need to come together now to use our collective resources & talents to restore degraded ecosystems for the survival of future generations. We know how […]

The Class of 2018 have Graduated! Green Student Bootcamp Challenge 2018

We celebrated a beautiful finale to this year’s Green Student Bootcamp Challenge , where students first went into our organic garden to investigate our resident insects. Led by Dr. Cor Zonnveld, an ecologist at Amsterdam University College, students learned about the classification, anatomy, and habitats of insects. It was clear that some did not like the idea of […]