‘Green Gold’ at the Zuidas: Our Movie Night with Le Compostier

Movie Night: Green Gold

From worldwide ecosystem restoration projects to keeping compost worms on the streets of Amsterdam; an inspiring discussion at yesterday’s movie night!

After watching the movie Green Gold about large-scale ecosystem restoration projects, our own soil hero Le Compostier talked about how John D. Liu inspired him to develop his wormhotels, as well as his new project to make restaurants circular and create compost from their kitchen waste to grow food in the city.

You can hear Rowin talk about his idea for a more circular city in this short film:  https://voorjebuurt.nl/nl/projects/wormenhotel.

Thank you to all of our guests for coming and joining the larger movement to take care of our soils!

Our next Movie Night will take place on Thursday 14 December, screening ‘Demain’:


We hope to see you there!